Stages of Dental Implant Surgery

The Woodlands and Houston TX

If you are suffering from missing or decayed teeth, dental implant surgery is an effective cosmetic dentistry solution to help you attain proper bite function and a beautiful smile. Dental implants have a titanium post acting as the root of your tooth, and a dental crown placed atop the implant to act as a natural tooth. The procedure involves a number of steps and two surgical stages. Once complete you can enjoy a natural looking set of picture-perfect teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

At Woodlands Premier Dentistry in Houston, Texas, a thorough diagnosis of your dental condition, along with a series of examinations and x-rays, are performed to ensure correct alignment and that the outcome of your dental implant surgery is a success.

The first stage of the surgery involves the implant insertion. During this process a small hole will be drilled into your jawbone and the titanium screw, is placed into the hole. The final step of this initial stage is the sewing of the gums surrounding the implant. To avoid discomfort, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Scott Young will place you under local aesthetic during the procedure.

Approximately one week following the surgery, any swelling will subside and the sutures will be removed, allowing for the osseointegration process to begin.

Osseointegration is a progression whereby the natural bone assimilates with the artificial implant structure and ensures that your dental implants are well positioned into your bones and gums. This step can take between three and six months. To provide visual relief during this waiting period, temporary crowns will be placed on the dental implants.

During the second stage of surgery, the temporary crowns are removed and the implants uncovered. Another examination is then performed, which includes a complete dental impression. This assists Dr. Young in the creation of accurately shaped and colored dental crowns so they appear natural adjacent to your existing teeth.

Your crowns are then bonded to the dental implant using dental cement. The result is a full set of natural looking, aesthetically beautiful teeth.

To ensure that the dental implants are functioning optimally, regular appointments are recommended for up to a year following the procedure. Routine professional care, along with good dental hygiene, will ensure lasting results.

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