6 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Smile Fixed

Ashamed woman hiding her smile in a conversation

Have you been considering a smile makeover? Not sure it’s really necessary? You’re the only one who can make this decision for you, but here are some clear signs that maybe it’s time to get your smile fixed.

You Aren’t Smiling in Pictures

Take a moment to look back at some pictures of recent occasions with family or friends. Happy times when you know you were enjoying yourself. Are you showing your smile? Or are you barely smiling or not smiling at all because you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth?

If that’s the case, then it’s time to get your smile makeover. Not only will it make for better pictures, it will help you and everyone else enjoy themselves more. When you let yourself smile, you’ll find that you enjoy things more. And when other people see your smile, they’ll be happier, too. That will make get-togethers much more enjoyable for everyone.

Seeing Your Smile Makes You Unhappy

Smiling at yourself in the mirror should be a sure-fire way to perk up your mood. The act of smiling should stimulate the brain to be happy, and seeing yourself smile should do the same. But if you’re so unhappy with the appearance that seeing it makes you sad instead, it may be time to get a smile makeover.

Eating Hurts

A smile makeover won’t just improve the appearance of your teeth, it can help improve the function, too. Your teeth should be able to handle the tasks of biting and chewing without any major problems. But if eating is causing you problems, it is time to get your teeth checked out.

Eating pain can be related to decayed teeth or gum disease. In either case, the problem is only likely to get worse if you ignore it.

Bad Taste in Mouth or Food Tastes Have Changed

Have you noticed that foods no longer taste as good as they used to. This could be because you have serious oral infections.

When oral bacteria colonize your gums or your teeth, they can produce chemicals that have a foul taste. This can lead to bad breath or a persistent bad taste in your mouth.

Sometimes you may not notice the bad taste itself because your body gets accustomed to it, but when you eat you might notice that your foods no longer taste as good as they used to.

Teeth Are Discolored

Infections of your teeth and gums can also affect the appearance and function of your teeth. If your tooth is infected, it can turn dark in color, darker than the surrounding teeth. Left untreated, these teeth can be lost. But if you act quickly, they can be saved with a root canal treatment.

Teeth Are Loose

When teeth infect your gums, you may notice them turning red, bleeding, and possibly even receding. You may also notice that your teeth are starting to get loose. If you don’t act on this, the teeth can be lost, and then you would need dental implants to replace them. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and if you don’t get it treated, it can affect your implants and your overall health, too.

Talk to a Dentist Today

Are you having problems with your teeth and gums? If so, then it’s time to talk to an expert dentist about getting them fixed. Quick action can save your natural teeth and save the cost of later, more expensive treatment of your dental problems.

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