Benefits of Sedation for Cosmetic Dentistry

If you go through our smile gallery, two things will probably stand out to you right away. First, how good our results are. Dr. Scott Young is an outstanding cosmetic dentist and gives his patients beautiful smiles.

But you’ll also probably notice that pretty much all our patients get sedation dentistry as part of their cosmetic dentistry. There are many good reasons why sedation improves the cosmetic dentistry experience.

Benefits of Sedation for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Anxiety

Most people have some level of dental anxiety, even if they don’t think that they do. But dental anxiety is especially common among people who are looking for cosmetic dentistry. That’s because many of the people who need cosmetic dentistry need it because they’ve been avoiding the dentist for years out of anxiety.

Sedation dentistry is every effective at reducing or eliminating dental anxiety. This allows you to get in and get the dental procedures that you want to beautify your smile, but also those you need to restore the health of your mouth.

Reducing Discomfort

Modern anesthesia is great at controlling discomfort related to dental procedures. You won’t feel discomfort related to the procedure itself, but there are other potential sources of discomfort that might make your experience unpleasant.

If you have even a little dental anxiety, it’s normal to tense up during your treatment. This can lead to sore muscles in the hands, arms, neck, and back. Other people have trouble with their jaw because of holding it open for the procedure.

You might also have a sensitive gag reflex that makes it very hard for you to get dental treatment.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help reduce all these sources of discomfort so you can better enjoy your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Improving Convenience

Under normal circumstances, it’s hard for people to stay in the dental chair as long as may be required for a complicated smile makeover. When we’re place 10, 12, or 20 porcelain restorations, it can take a while to prepare the teeth and take impressions. Under normal circumstances, people might not be able to sit still that long, forcing us to break the treatment down into several separate procedures. Sedation dentistry makes it easier to do more in fewer appointments so that you can enjoy greater convenience.

Great Cosmetic Dentistry and a Great Experience

Dr. Young cares deeply about his patients and wants to ensure that they get very attractive results that promote good oral health. He also wants to make sure that they have a comfortable, convenient, and anxiety-free experience at his office.

If you are looking for great cosmetic dentistry in The Woodlands, please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment with Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry.