Porcelain Veneers The Woodlands

Porcelain veneers are among the most powerful procedures in cosmetic dentistry. They have the ability to completely reshape your teeth, providing them with a new surface to correct chipped teeth, discoloration, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and more. They look natural, and they’re very durable–properly cared for they can last ten years or more.

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What Problems Can Porcelain Veneers Correct?A woman smiling because of her Porcelain Veneers from Young Dentistry in the Woodlands of Houston Texas

Porcelain veneers are often a major component in a smile makeover, but they can also repair teeth more subtly. A chipped tooth can be covered with a veneer to make it whole again. Often mismatched teeth can be faced with porcelain veneers to look more symmetrical. Teeth which project too far forward can be reshaped and veneers can be applied to create a smoother arc to your teeth. If your teeth are angled back into your mouth, they can be applied to offer the appearance of being more forward.

They can improve the appearance of crooked teeth, and can correct small gaps between teeth. That means you can have a straight smile in just a month, not a year or more as required for orthodontics.

They can also be applied to short teeth in order to make them appear longer, correcting a gummy smile. They can be used to lengthen small teeth like peg laterals or retained baby teeth.

Best of all, you can correct all these problems at the same time, with just a single procedure instead of trying to get many procedures completed at once.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great cosmetic dentistry procedure because they offer many benefits that other restorations can’t, such as:

  • Very attractive
  • Stain resistant
  • Very strong
  • Highly durable

They are custom-designed by a cosmetic dentist to provide a natural appearance. They can look very natural, but they can also achieve a completely new tooth size and shape to dramatically change your smile. They have a luster very similar to natural teeth, and they can be precisely matched to the color of your other teeth.

They are glazed so they are highly resistant to stains from foods and beverages. This helps them maintain their attractiveness over time.

In the past, dental porcelain was actually the same as porcelain plates, but now they are actually made of advanced ceramics that are many times stronger than your natural tooth enamel.

This strength makes them very durable, and because they don’t stain, many people are happy with the appearance of their porcelain veneers for a decade or more.

Porcelain Veneers Patient

Creating Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Scott Young has studied the application of porcelain veneers through the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), the foremost cosmetic dentistry institute in the country. His studies at LVI enable him to create custom porcelain veneers for each patient to achieve their desired style and brilliance. Other veneers can look “flat” or false, but porcelain veneers created by LVI graduates are renowned as being some of the most natural-looking, beautiful porcelain veneers available.

Creating a smile with porcelain veneers requires skill and precision, but also an artistic talent and ability to communicate well with you to ensure that your dentist understands the exact results you desire. Teeth come in many shapes and sizes, and creating the right combination is a skill Dr. Young continues to study and perfect.

At Woodlands Premier Dentistry, we work with Williams Dental Lab in California for all of our porcelain veneers procedures in order to ensure the highest quality results.

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