Introducing Smoothlase and Nightlase

At the office of Dr. Scott Young, we are always looking for innovations that provide our patients with better results and help them solve problems for which there was no good solution in the past. Smoothlase and Nightlase are two of these innovations, and we’re proud to announce that Dr. Leah Zils is now offering these treatments to our patients.

Laser Rejuvenation and Snoring Treatment | The Woodlands, TX

What Is Smoothlase?

Smoothlase is a cosmetic laser treatment that tightens the skin of your face without surgery. In many ways, it’s similar to other fractional laser skin treatments. It harnesses your body’s natural healing power to stimulate your body to build key proteins, like collagen, that give the skin elasticity.

It can tighten the skin in many areas of the face, reducing the appearance of:

  • Nasolabial folds (parenthesis lines)
  • Lipstick lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Jowls
  • Tear trough

It can also tighten the skin of the cheek and chin generally to rejuvenate your appearance.

Smoothlase is a laser that’s applied to the interior of your mouth, creating tiny healing wells that tap into your body’s reservoirs of restorative cells. Smoothlase offers many benefits, such as:

  • Significant lifting and tightening of skin
  • Subtle and gradual development of results
  • Long-lasting results
  • No scars, bruising, or swelling related to surgery
  • No time lost from work or play
  • No skin redness
  • No sun sensitivity

Essentially, this process works using the same principles as other fractional laser rejuvenation procedures. But because the laser is applied to the interior of your mouth, you won’t have to deal with issues like skin redness or sun sensitivity that can be a nuisance or may even lead to complications.

Instead, you’ll just enjoy a significant rejuvenation effect with almost no interruption to your daily routine.

What Is Nightlase?

Nightlase is a nonsurgical intervention for snoring. It’s a number of short treatment sessions that are performed, and when they’re done, you will have reduced or eliminated your snoring. You won’t have to wear CPAP or even use an oral appliance–your snoring will be cured, or, at least, reduced.

Snoring is caused by tissues in your nose, mouth, or throat that partly close off your airway, causing turbulence. This turbulence vibrates the loose tissues, which creates the sound you hear.

Nightlase works by tightening these tissues so they don’t block your airway and don’t vibrate. The principle is the same as for Smoothlase: a laser creates tiny healing wells in the tissue of your soft palate, the uvula, and the tonsils. When the body heals these wells, it creates significant amounts of collagen and other structural proteins. These firm up the palate, uvula, and tonsils. That way, they cause less blockage and vibrate less, too. So you are less likely to snore, and if you do, it’ll be quieter.

Nightlase treatments take about half an hour to do. It may require three treatments for you to get desired results.

Because Nightlase works differently from CPAP or oral appliances, it can be an alternative or you can add it on if you want to improve your results. It is compatible with these other snoring or sleep apnea treatments.

Learn What’s New

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