Importance of Dental Hygiene

importance of dental hygieneThe Woodlands and Houston, TX

The care you take of your teeth and gums has consequences far beyond a healthy and attractive smile. In fact, a number of systemic issues including heart disease and respiratory problems are linked to gum disease and other oral health issues, all of which can be avoided through proper dental hygiene.

To schedule a dental hygiene appointment with Houston general dentist Dr. Scott Young, please contact The Woodlands Premier Dentistry or call 877.492.4579 today.   Why Brush and Floss?

Proper dental hygiene requires both brushing and flossing every day. Bacteria in your mouth feed on the foods and beverages you consume and, when not removed from the surface of teeth, become secured to enamel by plaque. Plaque takes only one day to turn into tartar, which holds bacteria firmly in place, allowing them to eat through enamel and cause cavities, tooth infection, and other serious issues.

Brushing after every meal and snack, and flossing at least once a day are the best ways to remove this daily buildup of plaque. These steps can also help keep breath fresh and assist in preventing serious general dentistry and systemic health issues.

However, don’t let a good daily routine lull you into complacency. Biannual visits to your Houston general dentist are necessary for optimal oral health. Your visits allow us to fully clean your teeth and gums and Dr. Scott an opportunity to check for early signs of oral health issues.   If you are looking for an experienced Houston general dentist, please contact us today.