General Dentistry and Your Oral Health

general dentistry and your oral healthThe Woodlands and Houston, TX

Good oral health starts at an early age. The earlier you start taking care of your teeth with a good dental hygiene regimen at home, the more likely you will be to continue doing so as an adult. But while brushing, flossing and having a healthy diet at home can do wonders for your dental health, taking the time to make regular general dentistry appointments is the key to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. There are some things that at-home care just cannot address, which is why having a general dentist you trust and who knows your oral health history is an important addition to your everyday routine.

Beyond keeping your teeth clean, general dentistry appointments are beneficial because they allow your dentist to:

  • Remove stubborn plaque build-up that cannot be removed with brushing, not simply for the sake of keeping your teeth clean but to prevent the associated onset of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Take dental x-rays that can detect and monitor changes in your mouth that you would otherwise be unaware of, including oral cancer and gum disease.
  • Diagnose potential and existing problems early on so that treatments can be administered as soon as possible to prevent you fro having to undergo more complex procedures in the future.
  • Recommend and perform routine dental services such as wisdom teeth removal and orthodontics to help your teeth grow and develop properly at any stage of your life.

Don’t overlook the importance of general dentistry when it comes to keeping your smile bright and your mouth healthy. To schedule your next appointment with an experienced dentist in The Woodlands, call Woodlands Premier Dentistry at (281) 367-5559 today.