James DeGale Loses Dental Bridge During Title Fight

It was supposed to unify the two super-middleweight championships: the IBF championship held by James “Chunky” DeGale and the WBC championship held by Badou Jack. Instead, the 12-round fight ended up a draw, with both men retaining their championships. DeGale may have retained his championship, but he lost his mouthguard and then his dental bridge.

An Explosive Fight

Both fighters came out of their corners with flying fists trying to show themselves the true champion of the super middleweight class, which includes boxers from 160-168 pounds. DeGale scored an early victory, knocking Jack down in the first round. Jack was not to be denied, however, and he came back fiercely. He certainly landed many good blows on DeGale, drawing a lot of blood, piercing his eardrum, and, after DeGale lost his mouthguard, knocking out DeGale’s dental bridge.

James DeGale

Many commentators described it as being a tooth that was knocked out, but you can clearly see that the teeth on either side of the gap have been shaped to receive the supporting dental crowns for the bridge. You can also see that the area where the tooth should be is not bloody (though almost all the rest of DeGale’s face is). When the bridge was knocked out, Chunky tried to put the bridge back on, but complained that it wouldn’t “click in the hole” and had to leave it out for the rest of the fight.

Which would prove hard. DeGale took a lot of blows in the final rounds, and even fell down in round 12. But he got up again.

Drawing Disappointment

Although Jack knocked DeGale down in the final round and certainly seemed to be gaining momentum, it was too late. DeGale’s early momentum carried him with one of the judges, and the other two scored the fight a draw. With the majority draw decision, the two titles would not be unified.

In response, DeGale hoped to get a rematch against his opponent. Certainly, fight fans would be happy to see it, after the exciting action of Saturday’s bout. For their part, Jack and his celebrity promoter Floyd Mayweather were disappointed. Mayweather even accused the judges of being paid to give DeGale the draw.

Likely, DeGale’s early knockdown and flamboyant style carried him with the judges, and Jack’s late-round surge didn’t carry enough weight. Quite likely a 13-round fight would’ve been to Jack’s favor.

But fans and fighters are likely never going to see the desired rematch. That’s because Jack is moving up out of the super middleweight into light-heavyweight.

Why a Bridge?

Many people thought DeGale had lost a tooth in the fight, but it was his dental bridge. Why would a fighter choose a dental bridge instead of a dental implant? It’s actually very common for athletes in high contact sports to lose teeth. Hockey players, of course, are known for their gap-toothed smiles.

But they don’t usually get dental implants while they’re still playing. That’s because the risk that they could suffer further injury during a game or fight and may get a broken implant. A broken dental implant is harder to repair than a broken tooth, so sports dentists opt for less invasive solutions, like DeGale’s breakaway bridge. Then, when athletes retire, they can choose to upgrade to a dental implant.

For most people, though, a dental implant is the best tooth replacement option, and the sooner you get it, the better. If you have lost one or more teeth and want to learn about dental implants in The Woodlands, please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry.