How Long Will It Take to Get My New Teeth?

The Woodlands and Houston, TX

The amount of time required for your dental implant procedure depends on many things. If your jawbone and gums are healthy when you have a tooth extracted, you may be able to have a dental implant placed that day. Sometimes you may be able to have an aesthetic dental crown placed immediately. This is only possible if the tooth is in a position where it suffers little to no biting force. In this case, you will get your new tooth the same day your old tooth was removed.

In most cases, your dental implant can be placed at the time a tooth is extracted, but it must be allowed to heal before your crown can be placed. This may take 3-6 months, but when it is complete, you can have your aesthetic dental crown placed within a few weeks. If you have gum disease that needs treatment or if you do not have enough jawbone to support a dental implant, you may need additional treatment before your dental implant is placed. Gum disease may take a couple months to get under control, and a bone graft may take up to 6 months to restore your jawbone. After that you can have the implant placed.

The amount of time it takes before your new teeth will be ready for full duty depends on your oral health today. To get your oral health evaluated and learn what your timetable for restoration might be, please contact Houston implant dentist Dr. Scott Young at Woodlands Premier Dentistry to schedule a consultation.