Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants

The Woodlands and Houston, TX

Both dental bridges and dental implants can be used to restore function and beauty when you are missing one or more teeth. Dental bridges are traditionally supported by teeth adjacent to a gap but can also be supported by a single tooth when only one is available. Bridges hold your replacement teeth on top of your gums, allowing for a secure and strong bite. However, bridges cannot prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse, an issue that occurs when a tooth’s root is missing.

Dental Implants  

Dental implants are inserted into your jaw and do not rely on adjacent teeth for support. The placement of dental implants offers many unique benefits including:

  • Full restoration of strength
  • Completely natural-looking results
  • No damage to surrounding teeth
  • Prevention of jaw shrinkage and collapse

Because dental implants offer so many advantages, Houston dentist Dr. Scott Young often recommends them over options such as bridges or dentures. What is best for you will be determined during your initial consultation.

If you would like to learn more about your tooth replacement options in the Houston, Texas area, please contact Woodlands Premier Dentistry or call (281) 367-5559 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Young.

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