5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Old Dentures for Implant Dentures

Dentures are a millennia-old solution to tooth replacement,and they definitely show their age. Traditional dentures give a poor experience for many reasons.

But there’s a new approach to dentures that can give you a better experience. Implant dentures improve the denture experience in nearly every way. Here are five of the most common reasons why people get rid of their old dentures and upgrade to implant dentures.

5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Old Dentures for Implant Dentures from Young Dentistry in The Woodlands Texas

Unattractive Appearance

The appearance of your dentures is one of their important functions. Your smile should be attractive, and, really, there’s no reason why dentures can’t be attractive.

The problem is that many makers of traditional dentures just don’t care to try to make them look as good as they can. And even if they do make an attractive denture, the fact that it’s constantly moving around in your mouth can make it hard to get a good smile.

But when we make a set of implant dentures, we make sure they’re attractive. We want you to have a great smile, every time. And with implant dentures you know that your teeth will always be where they’re supposed to be when you smile.

Pain and Discomfort

Traditional dentures are often uncomfortable. That’s partly because they usually don’t fit properly. Even if they start out fitting right, your jawbone will change once your teeth are removed, so your dentures won’t fit anymore.

But even with properly fitting dentures, discomfort is common. That’s because traditional dentures just sit on your gums, which were never meant to support your teeth. Biting down on your gums can make them sore. Over time, your gums will toughen up, but they’ll never be as hard as bones and teeth, so for many people the discomfort never goes away.

But with implant dentures, the fit can be perfect–and stay perfect. The dental implants will preserve your bone so that it isn’t changing as much as with traditional dentures. And implant dentures can put the force where it’s supposed to be: on your bones. This makes biting and chewing comfortable again.

Dentures Fall Out

Another problem with dentures just sitting on your gums is that they’re not held in place very well. Basically, they rely on suction to hold themselves in. This is a weak bond at its best, and it often fails. Then your dentures fall out, which can be embarrassing and also interferes with the function of your dentures.

But implant dentures are secured in your mouth similar to the way your teeth were: by your jawbone. They’re not going anywhere, so you can talk, laugh, and eat with confidence.

Can’t Talk Clearly

Speech is one of the functions that suffers when your dentures are moving around. Loose-fitting dentures make it hard to speak clearly. But even when dentures fit right, they can make it hard to talk. Dentures are big and bulky. They interfere with the resonance of your mouth. It can be like talking with your mouth full of marbles.

But implant dentures can be much better for speaking. They can be smaller–not much larger than your natural teeth–and they stay in place. This helps you to speak clearly and loudly at any time.

Can’t Eat

One of the main functions of your teeth is eating. Any tooth replacement should help fulfill this function. Unfortunately, traditional dentures do this poorly. Many people find they can’t eat all the foods they want with their dentures. The dentures come loose, don’t have enough bite force, or don’t support a natural chewing motion. Your diet becomes limited and you may not enjoy food as much as you used to.

But with implant dentures, you can forget those limitations. Eat anything you want. Bite into an apple, sandwich, or slice of pizza.  Chew properly. And don’t spend hours at dinner trying to get through a meal.

Upgrade Your Dentures

Traditional dentures are an ancient technology. Don’t you deserve a modern replacement for your teeth?

If it’s time to upgrade your dentures in The Woodlands or Houston, please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment with implant dentist Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry.

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