Why You Should Make Dental Care a Priority

Everyone has to make choices about where they’re going to invest their time and their money. That’s always been the case, but these days in Houston it’s even more difficult to stretch your resources to meet all the demands on you. So sometimes something has to fall by the wayside.

But if you’re thinking of letting that something be dentistry, let us urge you not to. It’s important to make dental care a priority, and here’s why.

A happy man maintaining his oral health at Young Dentistry in the Woodlands

Oral Health Problems Can Be Dangerous

People sometimes think that oral health is less critical because oral health problems aren’t serious. After all, they only endanger the teeth and gums. However, the truth is that oral health problems can endanger your overall health and can even threaten your life.

Gum disease is a chronic infection that can spread damage throughout your body. Bacteria from gum disease can travel via your blood and breath to distant parts of the body, causing secondary infections. And the stress on your immune system from the chronic infection can lead to autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. The inflammation from gum disease has been linked to numerous cancers and to Alzheimer’s disease, among other problems.

An infected tooth can cause disabling pain, but it’s also potentially deadly. An infected tooth is a reason why you shouldn’t ignore a toothache, but it’s also a reason why you should always get your preventive care. Regular preventive visits can help you avoid infected teeth, without needing root canal therapy to treat them.

Tooth Damage Is Irreversible

Most of your body can heal. If you get a cut, it will scab over and heal. A broken bone can be set and it will knit back together. But tooth damage is forever. Your teeth cannot heal and, once lost, they will not regrow.

This is why it’s critical to focus on preventive care as much as you can. If we can stop tooth damage before it starts, it is immeasurably better than letting teeth be damaged and trying to repair them.

It’s More Convenient and Less Expensive

If you think you don’t have the time and money now to deal with a dental problem, think how much worse it will be when the dental problem takes three times as long to fix and cost three times more. That’s exactly what happens when you neglect your dental care too long. The problems become urgent to fix, so you can’t put them off. Then they can take much longer to fix, and they will be more expensive.

It’s much better to get problems taken care of before they become an emergency, when you can decide when to schedule them and they take up much less of your time and money.

Healthy Teeth Free You Up

Postponing dental care puts you in a bad position for essentially everything else you have to do. Gum disease and tooth infections can sap your energy and make you more likely to get sick. They can make it hard for you to eat and hard for you to sleep. And let’s not forget the negative impression people get from you if your teeth are unhealthy. You need your teeth to make critical deals and maintain tight relationships with important clients at this crucial time.

So don’t put off dental care any longer. Make it your next priority to get dental problems fixed or get checked out so new problems don’t arise. If you’re looking for an exceptional dentist in The Woodlands, please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment with Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry.