Questions About Your Dental Bridge

The Woodlands and Houston TX

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is one or more false teeth supported on either side by dental crowns affixed to the neighboring teeth. Dental bridges are often made of porcelain and may be affixed to titanium dental implant posts if the surrounding teeth are unable to support the bridge, or if there are no teeth to support the dental crowns.

When are dental bridges used?

Dental bridges replace missing teeth when a dental implant is unsuitable either due to gum weakness or for other reasons. Dental bridges may also be used to replace a removable partial denture, or if a tooth is so badly decayed that it must be extracted.

Do dental bridges look fake?

In the past, dental bridges were limited by the materials used to create them, and they sometimes appeared false either because of coloring, luster, or protrusion. However, the use of porcelain and the progression of implant dentistry have paved the way for dental bridges to look much more realistic. Some dental bridges are virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth, with the exception that they are joined on either side to their neighboring teeth.

Why is a dental bridge sometimes called a “fixed partial denture?”

Dental bridges are referred to by more than one name, and one of those is fixed partial dentures. Like a partial denture, a dental bridge replaces one or more teeth; however, because dental bridges cannot be removed, they are distinguished from other partial dentures by being “fixed” in place.

How do I care for my dental bridge?

Dental bridges can be cared for exactly as your natural teeth, with the exception that you cannot floss between the false teeth or the crowns adjoining either side of them. You should treat your dental bridge as if it were your natural teeth by thoroughly brushing twice daily and having regular professional dental cleanings and checkups.

How can I tell if I should get a dental bridge?

When you visit Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Young for your dental cleaning or for your initial consultation, he may recommend a dental bridge to replace a tooth or teeth you have lost. He may offer other options, including dental implants or another type of dental fixture instead.

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