Why Travel to Houston for Your Smile Makeover

Are you considering a smile makeover? Then you owe it to yourself to consider a trip to Houston. What’s in Houston, you ask? Just outside the city is The Woodlands, which is home to some of the finest cosmetic dentistry you’ll find anywhere in the United States. Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry, offers dentistry that is worth traveling for.

Patient, Roger T

Make Sure You’re Getting the Best

There’s no point in getting a smile makeover that’s just okay. If you want a smile that’s just okay, you can stick with what you have. Or do you really want to risk getting a smile makeover that will look unnatural or fake? No, you want to get a smile makeover that is heartstoppingly attractive, but at the same time seems so perfectly fitted to yourself and your character that it will never occur to anyone that it’s not your natural smile.

Do yourself a favor: before you read another word of this blog, click on the link for Dr. Young’s Smile Gallery. Look at the results, then come back here.

Welcome back. I’m assuming that if you’re still reading it’s because you realize that those are some of the most amazing smile makeover results you’ve ever seen. You’re still reading because you realize that results like those are well worth the cost of a trip to Houston. You know that that you are only considering a smile makeover because that’s the quality of results you want. Anything less isn’t worth your money or your time.

The Trip Is Easier Than You Think

We know: traveling for a smile makeover seems like a tall task. But, listen: if your smile makeover isn’t worth going out of your way for, what is?

Picking a convenient dentist makes sense for regular checkups where you need to go every six months or so. Or if you need to fit a small filling in between pitching a new client and taking an old one out to dinner.

But your smile makeover is a once-in-a-lifetime event: it’s worth a little planning.

And we’re talking about a very little planning. George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is a major travel hub. Flights arrive constantly from all over the country (and, really, the world). You can find something that fits your schedule.

And when you get here, The Woodlands is just 20 minutes from the airport. You’ll spend more time waiting for your bag than you will getting to The Woodlands.

Or maybe you won’t bother checking a bag: you won’t have to be here that long. Many procedures can be completed in just three days. That’s right. Just three short days for your smile makeover.

And getting to and from your appointments is easy. The good local hotels offer a car service that can take you to our office and back.

We’ve Got a Spot Saved for You

It’s very common for people to travel to The Woodlands to see Dr. Young. To make sure we have appointments that accommodate travelers who might have schedule restrictions, we set aside a certain number of appointments for our out of town guests. We’d love to put your name in one of those spots.

Dr. Young is a naturally talented dentist who has honed his skill with training at some of the leading advanced dental schools in the nation, such as LVI. He has further improved his skills with nearly 20 years of experience performing smile makeovers for people from Houston and around the country.

Are you ready to talk to Dr. Young about your smile makeover? Please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment.