Why Have My Teeth Gotten Darker?

The Woodlands and Houston, TX

When people see your discolored teeth, they make judgments about you, such as estimating your age. Tooth discoloration is commonly associated with age, because teeth tend to naturally darken with age. One reason why your teeth will become discolored is that they will acquire staining compounds. Although brushing and flossing can remove many of the staining compounds, stain penetrate the dental enamel via tiny ducts called tubules. Once inside your enamel, stains cannot be removed by regular brushing. Teeth whitening compounds can penetrate the tubules and break up the staining compounds. Another cause for darkening teeth is inherent in the teeth themselves. Your dental enamel, the hard, aesthetic surface of the tooth, thins with age. This allows the color of the tooth’s inner structure, called dentin, to show through. The color of an individual’s dentin varies, but it can yellow, brown, or gray. These processes work together in most people, resulting in a significantly darker smile that makes you look older than your actual age.

If you are tired of your teeth constantly getting darker, teeth whitening can help. Please contact Woodlands Premier Dentistry in Houston today to schedule a teeth whitening consultation.