The Top Five Reasons to Have Your Teeth Whitened by a Dentist

The Woodlands and Houston, TX

It may seem like store-bought teeth whitening kits offer increased convenience at a discounted price, but the truth is these kits often offer little more than increased tooth sensitivity, oral tissue irritation, and inconsistent results.

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Why Have Teeth Whitened Professionally?

Five great reasons to have teeth whitened professionally:

  1. Professional tooth whitening produces consistent and reliable results
  2. The solution used for professional whitening reduces tooth sensitivity
  3. Having a skilled cosmetic dentist whiten your teeth helps prevent over-bleaching and other potentially painful and damaging risks
  4. Tooth whitening from a cosmetic dentist often outlasts results obtained by store-bought kits
  5. Take-home tooth whitening kits from our Houston dentist come with customized applicators for increased comfort and enhanced results

No matter how you look at it, professional tooth whitening is vastly superior to store-bought options. During your next appointment with Dr. Young we would be happy to discuss this in greater detail and help you determine which of our tooth whitening options is best for you.

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