Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safer and More Effective Whitening

We are always happy when a reputable news organization gives good information on dental procedures. However, we were disappointed that the recent piece by National Public Radio (NPR) didn’t do enough to alleviate confusion on teeth whitening. This is what the article promises, and it gives good information, but it doesn’t quite fulfill the promise.

There are some good points to the article, but much more could have been said about teeth whitening.

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Important Information Contained in the Article

The good news is that the article gave consumers a lot of important information that can help them understand the safety and effectiveness of teeth whitening procedures. First of all, it’s important to understand that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t do a thorough job of regulating teeth whiteners. As cosmetic products, they don’t require premarket approval, and they will likely only be investigated if many complaints are received.

Instead, the only real program for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of teeth whitening products is the voluntary program run by the American Dental Association (ADA). Basically, in this program, companies who want the ADA seal of approval submit research and other information along with a payment to the ADA. Often, the ADA will grant the seal just relying on the company’s data, although it will sometimes do its own research as well to make sure the product is acceptable.

Other than looking for the ADA seal of approval, the only real difference between whitening products in the drug aisle is method of application. When you’re choosing a teeth whitening product, look for one that you think you’ll be able to master to get good, even application of whitener to your teeth. A rundown on these different methods along with the benefits and limitations of each would have been useful.

Another god piece of information in the article is the reminder that professional dental cleanings can help remove debris and stains that make your teeth discolored, but are harder to remove at home.

Professional Whitening Can Be Better

But if you’re really looking for safe and effective teeth whitening, it’s best to work with a dentist. Your dentist can help you get better results.

If you want, we can perform the whitening for you. With Zoom! teeth whitening, we will apply the whitener to your teeth and treat your teeth to ensure safe and healthy whitening in about an hour. There’s nothing for you to worry about, and you’ll enjoy the brightness of your teeth.

Or, if you’d rather do the whitening yourself at home, we can provide you with a simple system that will both whiten your teeth and protect your teeth and gums from damage. We’ll create custom whitening trays and explain how to use them. Then you can do the whitening yourself at home.

And talking to your dentist about whitening has other great benefits. First, we can tell you if teeth whitening will even work for you, or if you’d benefit more from procedures like porcelain veneers or other treatments. And we can identify any health problems that should be addressed before whitening.

Are You Ready for a Whiter Smile?

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