Natural Looking Porcelain Veneers or “Chiclets”? Choose Your Dentist Wisely!

The Woodlands and Houston, TX

Which Of These Smiles Would You Prefer?

natural looking porcelain veneersunnatural looking porcelain veneersThere are several things to keep in mind when considering a smile makeover with porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers. Take these things into account to ensure that your smile is brilliantly natural and that you do not finish with the Matt Dillon “Chompers” effect that you are trying to avoid.

1. Choose a dentist that is familiar with cosmetic dentistry and performs it EVERYDAY! These are technique sensitive procedures and should only be carried out by those dentists with the proper training to give you the result that you deserve.

2. The laboratory utilized to make the crowns/veneers is crucial to the final result. Fabricating these restorations is an art that is learned through years of experience and training by your dentist’s lab technician. A laboratory that does not concentrate on the details of the case will deliver restorations that look “chiclet” like.

3. Be leery of choosing dentists that focus on coupon dentistry. We have all seen the advertisements for dentists offering eight veneers for $5,000 or some other ridiculous offer to get you in the door. This should be a huge red flag for the consumer that the laboratory, materials, and techniques utilized are probably not of the highest of quality. An amazing result requires a considerably higher fee than this and there is no questioning the difference in the aesthetics and longevity of the two.

4. Careful consideration should be given to the smile design that is chosen for each patient. The patient’s size, facial features, hair color, and smile line should all be thought about before making the final decision on this. Many laboratories will deliver a “cookie cutter” set of crowns/veneers if not guided otherwise.

5. Communicate with your dentist and ask as many questions as you feel necessary for you to feel comfortable that they can deliver what you are looking for in your new smile. Ask to see before/after pictures of cases completed by that dentist and search for the natural characteristics of teeth that you are looking for with your smile. If you see nice, natural gorgeous smiles in their work, then feel comfort you are in the right place.

6. Finally, always do your homework online and look for numerous favorable reviews from several different review sites. Nothing less than 4.5-5 stars for the dentist should be an acceptable rating when considering a smile makeover.

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