How White Do You Want Your Smile?

Everyone wants a brighter smile, right? Well, maybe not. In general, most of us have a smile that’s discolored and stained. We could benefit from teeth whitening or other techniques to improve the appearance of our smile.

But how white do we really want them? That depends on your cosmetic dentistry goals.

Are You Looking for a Natural Appearance?

One of the most important aspects you have to consider about your cosmetic dentistry is whether you care that your smile looks natural or not. If you want, we can craft a smile makeover that’s so subtle people won’t ever guess that you had cosmetic dentistry. Instead, your smile will just look healthy and natural.

But there are limits. There are some aspects of a natural appearance that may run up against your desire for whiter teeth. We can make your smile look as white as you want, but the whiter they are, the less natural they might look. Here’s why.

White Smiles Are Youthful Smiles

Whitening your teeth is a great way to shave a few years off your appearance. People associate white teeth with youth. When your teeth are whiter, you’ll look younger.

But what if you aren’t really younger? We may not want to admit our age, but there are some things that might give us away. If those other signs of your age don’t match the whiteness of your teeth, people may think it’s not your natural smile.

White Smiles Are Healthy Smile

People also know that the appearance of your teeth is related to its health. If your teeth are discolored, they may think that you’re not healthy. Whitening your teeth can help you give a healthier impression to people who see your smile.

On the other hand, if your smile looks too white, people might think that the teeth aren’t natural. They may not think that your teeth have been restored for cosmetic reasons. They might think that your teeth had to be restored because they were unhealthy. They might even think that your smile was so unhealthy you had to have your teeth removed and replaced with dentures.

White Smiles Are Friendly Smiles

Improving the appearance of your smile can improve the first impression you make on people. People will not only think you’re healthier and younger, they’ll assume that you’re more compassionate and smarter, too. It doesn’t take dramatic changes to get these results, just a slight brightening and the repair of some damaged teeth.

But if you end up with a smile that is too visibly fake, it can backfire. Instead of seeing your smile as a sign of genuine, human feeling, people can think that your smile is fake, both in terms of restorations and in terms of emotion.

Get Beautifully White, Natural-looking Results

The good news is that a skilled Houston cosmetic dentist like Dr. Scott Young can navigate these issues to get you a smile that looks youthful, healthy, friendly, beautiful, and natural. You can see some examples of his great work in our smile gallery.

If you’re ready to get teeth that are just the right whiteness for you, please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment with Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry.