Good and Bad Reasons to Travel for Dentistry

At the airport for departure

Chances are, your everyday dentist is pretty convenient. Maybe their office is right next to your office or near home. Or it’s between the two. Or it’s near a store you go to regularly.

This is a good idea for the dentist you see for regular checkups and cleanings, but if you’re looking for a smile makeover, full bite reconstruction, or dental implants, it can be worth it to travel for your dental care. But not always.

Here are some reasons why it might be worth it to travel for dental care–and some reasons not to.

Travel to Get the Results You Want

Ultimately, you want to get the best results from your dental procedure. Checking out a dentist’s before and after gallery is a great way to see if a dentist is capable of getting you the results you’re looking for. And sometimes local dentists just aren’t up to the task.

If you’re unhappy with the results your local dentists are able to deliver, it’s worth it to travel to a dentist that shows they can give you what you’re looking for.

Training, Experience, and Other Qualifications

You know how investment commercials often say, “past performance is no guarantee of future returns”? Well, the same is true of dentistry. Just because a dentist was able to get a few quality results, it doesn’t mean they’ll always be able to.

So what can give you assurance about a dentist’s ability to deliver future results? Training. Experience. Certifications. Technology. A dentist who has the right training knows how to properly deliver quality results. Their achievements aren’t accidents–they’re deliberate. And well-trained dentists know the proper technique to get the right results, repeatedly. Experience allows dentists to hone their technique so that it becomes even more consistent and reliable. Certifications show that a dentist has been shown to have the proper training, techniques, and experience. And technology can also make techniques more consistent and reliable.

These are all reasons to travel to get dentistry from a particular dentist.

Don’t Travel for a Dental Vacation

Some dentists set up in places that are popular vacation spots. They try to sell you on the idea that you should get your smile makeover at the same time as you’re having a vacation. Unfortunately, this has the potential to ruin both parts of the trip.

Let’s face it: we love dentistry and we deliver a great dental experience in our office, but even so, few people would call it a vacation. Even when things go great, your dental procedures will take time and enjoyment out of your vacation.

And you may be unhappy with the results of your procedure. If you’re selecting a dentist mostly because they’re near a particular vacation spot, are you really as sure about their results and qualifications as you’d like to be?

Don’t Travel to Save Money

Many dentists, especially those out of the country, advertise dental tourism as being a cheaper way to get the same quality dentistry. But it’s not. Dental standards in the US are different from those around the world, so you won’t be getting a dentist with the same training and experience in other countries.

And it’s never good to go bargain shopping for your health. It’s important to remember that a smile makeover isn’t just a cosmetic process, it’s also an essential health procedure. There is no amount of money that is worth compromising your health for.

And remember: cheap dentistry can be very expensive in the long run.

Travel to The Woodlands for Quality Dentistry

If you are considering travel for your next dental procedure, and you’re looking for a highly trained dentist worth traveling for, consider cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry in The Woodlands, Texas.

Dr. Scott Young has extensive training, great experience, and demonstrated quality results.

To learn more about what makes Dr. Young a good destination for your next dental procedure, please call (281) 367-5559 today for an appointment.