Characteristics of Award Winning Smiles

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A smile is a showcase of your feelings and quite possibly the most noticeable part of your appearance. Award-winning smiles are full, bright and sparkling, and radiate self-confidence. These feelings are often influenced by the smile we have and imperfections can have a significant effect on our smile.

The Ideal Smile

While a small portion of the population are lucky enough to have a naturally attractive smile with the help of good oral health and biannual visits to Dr. Scott Young, proper dental hygiene is often not typically enough to ensure a strikingly beautiful appearance. Irregularly shaped and misaligned natural teeth are very common, as are other problems such as cracks, chips and discoloration in your teeth. These common factors affect the majority of the world’s ability to smile confidently.

Award-winning smiles are achieved when teeth are:

  • Aligned
  • Well-formed
  • All present
  • Straight
  • White

Smile Makeovers at Woodlands Premier Dentistry

With advancements in cosmetic dentistry, award winning smiles are now available to everyone through the smile makeover procedure:

  • Dental implants can replace any missing teeth
  • Veneers can repair chips, breaks and cracks
  • Recontouring can effectively reshape any irregular or unsightly teeth or gums
  • Orthodontics can correctly align the teeth and bite
  • Teeth whitening procedures can achieve very white smiles

Characteristics of ideal smiles are typically agreed upon by most people, however, a board-certified cosmetic dentist will work with you to achieve what you personally believe is an award-winning smile.

Woodlands Premier Dentistry, in Houston, Texas can create your perfect smile with the assistance of cosmetic dentistry. If you have always dreamed of smiling at the world with a set of prized teeth and gums, please contact Woodlands Premier Dentistry to schedule your smile makeover today.

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