A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything: A Smile Makeover

In the story For the Man Who Has Everything, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin are attending a birthday party for Superman. On the way into the Fortress of Solitude, they talk about the challenge of finding a good gift for Superman. Batman has brought a new genetically engineered rose called The Krypton. Wonder Woman has brought a model of the Bottle City of Kandor–the former capital of Krypton, which was shrunk and placed in a bottle, but then was placed on Mars–crafted by the jewelsmiths of Themyscira. Robin, without the resources of these two heroes, has brought nothing.

After the party gets interrupted by the world-conquering adversary Mongul, Superman finally gets the chance to receive his gifts. The rose had been crushed in the battle, and, it turns out, Superman had already made his own replica of Kandor, although he has the grace to use his super-speed to hide it so Wonder Woman doesn’t know.

The man in your life may not be quite as hard to shop for as Superman, but it can feel that way. However, if you can’t think of anything to get him, you can consider a smile makeover. Here are a few tips to make sure this turns out to be a great gift, and not a source of strife.

The perfect gift is a Smile Makeover from Young Dentistry in The Woodlands, Houston, Texas

Make Sure It’s Something He Wants

A gift of any kind of cosmetic procedure can be problematic. It can be perceived as you saying that they look unattractive, which is not what you’re trying to say at all. This doesn’t have to happen if you present it right.

First, make sure it’s something that he really wants. It’s not enough for you to notice that he’s unhappy with his smile and tries to conceal it. He has to speak out and say that it’s something he wants.

Next, represent it as something he wants, not something he needs. This is easier if you represent it as an activity rather than a thing. Talk about how this is something he’s always wanted to do, and you want to make sure he can do it.

Focus on his happiness. Make it clear that’s your goal–you aren’t unhappy with his smile, but you know that he is. You want him to be happy and to be able to show his happiness with a smile that he can easily share.

Start Small

Maybe a full smile makeover is too much for your Christmas budget. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. Instead, you can bite off a smaller chunk of it. Maybe teeth whitening or dental bonding for a small chipped tooth that he’s sensitive about.

In many cases, you’re not actually giving him the smile makeover–you’re giving him the license to give himself the smile makeover. A man who works and sacrifices for his family often has the money to get a smile makeover, he just doesn’t feel that he should spend it on himself. Giving him this symbolic gift shows him that you want him to do something for himself. And once he starts to realize how much this really is something he wants, he’ll take it from there.

Give Your Time and Support

Can’t figure out where to start? You don’t actually have to give him a part of the smile makeover that may not fit in his ultimate plan. Instead, give him your time and support. Offer to accompany him to his consultation and help him make decisions about his smile makeover.

For some men, that’s the biggest barrier: just scheduling and attending the consultation to start the process. They may be shy or just not know where to start. Taking care of that step for him can be appreciated, and can make him feel excited about the process and his potential results.

And that’s what you’re really looking for.

Not Sure Where to Start? We Can Help

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