How to Choose A General Dentist

Choosing a general dentist can be as daunting of a task as choosing a cosmetic dentist. Although the procedures may look a little different, you are still entrusting the care of your mouth to one of a multitude of available professionals. Just like when considering how to choose a cosmetic dentist, you should keep several things in mind:

  • Education
  • Affiliations
  • Services
  • Location
  • Reputation
  • Passion
  • Artistry

Education and Affiliations

While all dentists have a certain level of education simply to bear the title, some dentists actively pursue continuing education in order to improve the level of care they provide. You should look for a dentist who has a dedication to continuing education, either through general dentistry schools or through specialized training, such as through the Las Vegas Institute (LVI).

Services Provided

While it may seem that all general dentists offer the same services, this is not true. Many general dentists may have to give you a referral to another office for such mundane procedures as a porcelain filling. Rather than giving yourself the runaround, work with a dentist who offers all the dental services you may need in the future, as well as the general dentistry procedures you need now.

Location and Reputation

The location of your dentist is important, but more important is the length of time that your potential dentist has been serving in the same area. Having a good reputation in an area for a short period of time is an easy feat to manage. However, retaining an excellent reputation in the same location for a long period of time is a more difficult task. It is important to consider the publicity, awards, and word-of-mouth reputation of your general dentist when deciding who to work with.

Passion and Artistry

While many people may think that passion and an artistic eye are only important in cosmetic dentistry, the truth is that virtually all dentistry is cosmetic to an extent. While functionality of a dental fixture is of primary importance, the appearance of a dental crown or of a filling has the potential to impact not only the way others view you, but how you view yourself.

By working with a general dentist who is also trained in and has a passion for cosmetic dentistry, you can ensure that your smile will not only be healthy, but also beautiful.

How to Find the Best Dentist for You

If you are looking for a new dentist, the best place to start is by asking friends, family, and other health professionals. Your doctor likely knows some good dentists in the area. Of course, don’t take recommendations as your only source of information–you may not like the same things in a dentist as they do.

Check online to make sure a dentist seems to have all the characteristics you desire. It’s especially important to make sure they offer the services you need. Other characteristics can be determined later. With a general dentist, it’s not a bad idea to pick someone who seems like a good dentist and has a convenient location. You’ll be seeing them regularly, so this makes a difference.

You might start with a certain dentist, but don’t be afraid to switch dentists if you are unhappy with the current dentist. Also, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if a dentist recommends invasive or irreversible services. This is a good idea even if you are confident in your dentist.

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