Characteristics of an Award Winning Smile

The Woodlands and Houston TX

When you think of the ideal smile, what comes to mind? Do you think of teeth that are straight and evenly sized? Or perhaps of teeth that are sparkling white and free of chips, cracks, and other imperfections? Do you consider gums when you’re envisioning your perfect smile?

Beauty is subjective, but we all tend to find the same attributes attractive in smiles. While some celebrities have made their smiles’ imperfections part of what defines them, a majority of people find a flawless smile to be more attractive and pleasing. No matter what characteristics you find most appealing, Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Young can customize a treatment plan that helps you achieve all of your goals.

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Perfecting Your Smile

Dr. Scott Young offers a range of treatment options that can address every conceivable cosmetic imperfection. Some of our most popular cosmetic dentistry options include:

Dr. Young can even combine these procedures to address myriad aesthetic and functional issues with a personalized smile makeover procedure. The options best suited to meet your needs will be determined during your treatment planning phase, and based entirely on your unique needs.

Why Choose Us

Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Young is entirely dedicated to the art and science of aesthetic dentistry. Having graduated from the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, an achievement reached by less than 1% of cosmetic dentists, Dr. Young brings his extensive training and years of experience into every procedure he performs.

To us, you are an individual, not just another patient. We take time to get to know you and understand your desires, and build your treatments to meet your specific needs and perfect your unique smile. We would be honored to discuss this with you in more detail during your initial consultation with our Houston cosmetic dentist.

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