We believe strongly that everyone has a right to have a beautiful and healthy smile. We strive to provide this for our patients using the latest technologies, techniques, and materials. We also work to help our patients fit the treatments they want and need into their budgets.

No Surprise Pricing

We work to be honest and upfront about costs with all our patients. That’s why we start with a thorough diagnostic exam designed to completely assess your oral health. Once the exam is complete, we will create a personalized dental treatment plan. We will review this plan with you to make sure that it accurately reflects both your treatment goals and the realities of your current oral health. This estimate will reflect your projected cost, to the best of our knowledge. There are no hidden fees or additional services not included on this treatment plan.

We understand that the cost of our treatment might be higher than treatments you get from other dentists. But we believe that when you consider the quality of the materials, the aesthetics of the results, the durability of restorations, and the comfort of restorations we offer a value that is as good or better than any dentist in The Woodlands, Houston, or the country.

If you’ve been putting off dental treatment due to budget constraints, you don’t have to keep doing that. You can start your dental treatments now. Just click on one of the financing links below and you can start applying for a dental loan. Data from national financing institutions tells us that most dental loans fall in the range of $10,000-$30,000.

Flexible Financing Options

Sometimes financing is the best way to fit your high quality care into your budget. We offer many financing options. You will benefit from:

  • Easy application online or over the phone
  • Low monthly payments available
  • True no-interest financing available
  • Repayment periods up to 60 months
  • Complete treatment with no initial payment

We work with CareCredit and Lending Club financing to provide payment plans that are convenient for you so you can start treatment now.

Scott Young: Care Credit


We are happy to work with you to maximize coverage for your treatments from your insurance company.

Once we have developed your treatment plan, you can arrange for payment, either by paying us directly or by arranging for financing. Then we will file electronically with your insurance company. We will accurately code your treatments so that the insurance company will understand what they should cover under your plan. Once the claim is filed, reimbursement will then be sent directly to you. If your insurance company pays us, the provider, we will credit you back for that payment via the exact method you used for payment.

Although we don’t believe in surprises when it comes to pricing, insurance companies seem to love them.

If you would like to talk to us about dental treatment, financing, or insurance, please call 832-764-8791 today for an appointment with Dr. Scott Young, Purveyor of Fine Dentistry.